Removing previews, extras, etc

I have slysoft anydvd…can you remove the copy warning and the previews, extra features, things you may not want with anydvd, or do you need another program to do it, and if so, what is the best one out there?

Again, thanks for all the help this forum has been so far.

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VobBlanker = Free and perhaps a little over complex for people new to DVD copying.

DVD Remake = Costs money but a little more visual and easy to use.

DVD ReMake can do some stuff VobBlanker can’t, I’m still thinking it over as to whether I wanna spend the cash on it.

I’m sure one of the regulars here has a link to a spiffy VobBlanker guide if that’s the route you wanna take.

DVD Shrink is a good choice for this. It works in the same way as CloneDVD but has the advantage of being free.

It’s pretty simple to use as well. Get it here .

You might also want to try PgcEdit. Very powerful program.

Agreed - DVD Shrink is awesome at that kinda stuff, and it’s free. :slight_smile:

That is if you don’t care about the menus, then DVD Shrink is a great choice.

In addition to using the programs mentioned above consider using MenuShrink on the menus to reduce the amount of compression needed on the main title. It turns the menus into still pics with or without audio retaining their functionality, it’s easy to use and it’s free :slight_smile: Take a look at some of the savings using it. One of the great lil proggies jeanl puts out in addition to FixVTS and DVDSubEdit . Get it here

Doesn’t DVD Shrink also compress the menus and do stills if you want it to?

Shrink turns the animated menus into a series of frames taken at .5 second intervals with the still picture option. MenuShrink turns an animated menu into 1 selectable still frame.

Hrm. I thought DVD Shrink did stills too. Oh well.

Shrink will do stills. Several guides available.