Removing portions at the end of a video

Alright, so my grandmother wants me to record the local church services on one of the local cable channels for her to watch later and I did that today but since I’m not home on any weekdays (school), I have to set a timer and usually the time varies a bit (ex. sometimes it starts 12:46, others :47, :48, :49 so I set for :47 and the ending also varies) so today it started recording about 10 seconds late, no big deal but I got about 3 minutes of another local program afterwards. I only have a LG LRA850 DVD recorder (very basic) so is there a way for me to edit the other 3 minutes at the end of probably every service I’ll ever record out on the PC? Any software? Is it even possible? I just want to remove that last few minutes.

DVD Shrink re-author mode will do it for you, assuming your recorder produces standard DVDs. You can set the start and endpoints of your video and then burn to a new disk with Nero or ImgBurn. Record your show on a R/W disk first so you don’t waste any blanks.

If it is an avi file you want to crop, I find VirtualDub very easy to use

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