Removing Patin Couffin completely?

In BW 4.5.7, how do you remove the v14 Patin Couffin layer COMPLETELY? I’ve discovered that the normal uninstall doesn’t get rid of it.

The Patin Couffin uninstaller on the site seems to be only for v13, and using this doesn’t seem to uninstall v14.

The reason I ask is that the v13 layer completely screwed up my ability to start SD 2.8+ games, and maybe earlier versions too (at least on Win 98SE), and I don’t want to be lumbered with v14 being left on the system if a later version of SD goes and does the same with v14.

If you’re having trouble with SD games not working when they should, start looking in the direction of BW Suite!


curious lazer …

I seen on other thread you wrote some too … just wondering if you put blindwrite on antoher pc with windows xp does it completely remove or not …I know in my system running xp it always removes it all …even earlier versions but I know on this issue that some machines have it removed and some dont … so just was curious taht is all


No, this is just installed on Win98SE.

I do have XP also but it’s completely free of any copying software and used strictly for play only as an objective test of how good a back-up copy is.

I found some threads on the Alcohol support forums about deleting pcatip.vxd, and pcouffin.sys/vxd, and patin.cpl, so I think this thread has become redundant now unless there’s some other files that should also be deleted, maybe registry entries?


If you have hunted out those files and removed them, and your system still does not work right, then it’s time to look at alcohol and remove it, their drivers can be just as corrupt, they have been in the past.
Have your already removed the VSO folder?
There is a right way to remove those files other than just delete them but since you got the info from those that don’t know, you should have gotten them.

If you’re having trouble with SD games not working when they should, start looking in the direction of BW Suite!
this is a very bold statement from someone who isn’t sure especially since microsoft had to release a safedisc patch in order for some games with safedisc protection to work. If you have removed those files and still have problems you better look elsewhere

Hi kamikazee,

I think you might have misunderstood the thread.

The v14 layer seems OK, I’m just ‘future-proofing’ or trying to pre-empt the same thing happening, or at least eliminating one less hassle if a new version of Safedisk happens to interfere with the Patin-Couffin layer, in the same way that v13 and SD2.8+ (maybe earlier) did (at least on Win98SE). :slight_smile:

I don’t want to be stuck trying to find files to delete etc.

WHY don’t the guys who write this sort of software REMOVE these files with the uninstall program?

I don’t understand it. These files weren’t there before the program was installed, so why should they be still there after it’s gone? I call that ‘partial uninstallation’.

BTW, how do you ‘remove’ files without deleting them?:confused:


You never asked, you just assumed, there is a way to remove the files and it is built into blindwrite. Did you contact blindwrite support, from the way it sounds you didn’t, you were looking for the answers in the alcohol support forums, wrong place to look for blindwrite support. Because they blame every thing but their own product, it is easier to blame other than look for and fix a problem, Contact blindwrite support, they are a friendly bunch and will be more than willing to help. Although it may not be until monday you get an answer of some sort.

Safedisk happens to interfere with the Patin-Couffin layer

I can only feel that you mean blacklisting? If so, alcohol and clone are the two that get blacklisted constantly, blindwrite to date has never been blacklisted.

Originally posted by kamikazee
You never asked, you just assumed, there is a way to remove the files…

How do you know? If you do know why don’t you tell me how? Is it some sort of military secret?

Why don’t you grow up, and stop acting like a spoilt child who’s had his lollypop taken away from him?

You don’t make a very convincing salesman for Blindwrite IMO sorry.

All I asked was a VERY SIMPLE QUESTION, ‘How do I remove the Patin-Couffin v14 layer from v4.5.7 completely’?

Get a life FFS!


It’s not a secret and if you email support they will be happy to tell you, thats the point you missed. But seeing as you have resorted to name calling I guess we will leave it at that and I won’t come down to meet you at your level. In the future if you need help with a Blindwrite product ask them not alcohol.

So, from that I gather you don’t know, or you’re just being awkward. Thanks for nothing. :slight_smile:

FYI, I have e-mailed VSO support as their ‘support forum’ is ‘under construction’ to let them know of the v13 bug, and how to uninstall the Patin-Couffin layer.

In the past however, when I’ve reported a bug I’ve never even received an acknowledgement let alone a helpful reply.

In the meantime, I thought that seeing as some of the BW team actually reply here on this very forum then it may save some time, especially as there may be some knowledgeable people here.

Again, FYI, I didn’t ‘ask’ in the Alcohol support forums, I used the search engine.

It’s amazing how you’ve managed to misunderstand, flame, protect someone else’s software when it was being attacked, and blame someone else’s software all in one thread.

Well done!


blind write people are everywhere. .they do help alot and if you send mail they usually reply very prompt


Update to this thread, and PURELY a FYI for those directly affected i.e. SD games not starting on Win98SE due to Patin Couffin layer v12 and also v13. (4.5.7 uses v14 layer so this may not affect you).

(Support never answered the question at all by e-mail btw).

A file exists which I was TOLD is automatically installed in the VSO folder since Blindwrite 4.4 and later, called pcsetup.exe.

It was never installed here, and I’ve not been able to find anyone else so far who has this file either on Win98 OR WinXP! It is installed with Blindwrite 5 alpha ( though.

To remove Patin Couffin do the following:

Start->Run then browse to the pcsetup.exe which will put the path in the CLI window. Type a space and add the following “/remove /removeatip” without the inverted commas. Click OK. Reboot.

Patin Couffin is now history (unless they have even more secrets hidden). :slight_smile:

Monitoring what this file does with these CLI parameters is:

Deletes the files:

from C:\windows\system\iosubsys

Deletes the registry entry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\VSO\Patin Couffin (Patin Couffin is removed)

So you don’t actually need pcsetup.exe to achieve the same result.

What a game!

(To remove the Patin Couffin entry from the Control Panel delete the file patin.cpl from Windows\system)


except it doesn’t remove the autoplay filter…

Originally posted by lapinou
except it doesn’t remove the autoplay filter…

…and you’re not going to explain how to get rid of that either, and I have to go all around the world to find out how to do that too?..

Or you could make life less complicated, and spill the beans?

How about if I say please?

Would that help?


Originally posted by Lazer
(Support never answered the question at all by e-mail btw).

Maybe your email program deleted/moved the reply or you typed your email address incorrectly in the support form.

And from looking at the files that have been removed, you no longer have the Patin Couffin layer or the Autoplay filter installed.


No, they replied but didn’t answer the question. Exactly the same way that lapinou did here.

(There’s a seat waiting at the UN security council, marked ‘obstinate’, if he ever decides to stop writing buggy software;))

AFAIK the ‘autoplay’ thing is a separate entity from Patin Couffin?


if your mail was written the same way as your posts here then it’s no wonder that it might’ve been “lost” … 'nuff said

Originally posted by [VSO]Philipp
if your mail was written the same way as your posts here then it’s no wonder that it might’ve been “lost” … 'nuff said

Try reading instead of insulting. No mail was lost.

If you can’t accept bug reports (via e-mail) in good faith, then carry on writing buggy software, and good luck ripping off future customers.


lazer ??

why is it just you complaining …there are alot of us out there that will help you on any problem and not ask for anything in return …and vso have supported alot of people on all kinds of software. …but heck …even I am made avaliable if you need help …

well you all be good and VSO keep up the good work …

Blindwrite team-members…I just happened to come across this page during a web seach; just wanted to know what the Pattin-Couffer layer was.

I gotta say, your casual rudeness toward Lazer is quite remarkable.

I’ve worked tech support; I know you have to expect customers to make wrong guesses sometimes, and lose patience sometimes. If you let that make you forget that you’re here to help them, they will forget that too!

rude reply, instead of post here, why don’t you contact vso support … it should be smarter.