Removing "Name" in output avi file?




I’m trying a Demo of DVDFab Platinum w/ mobile option (

So far I like its operation with one exception:

I’m outputting to an avi file (xvid/mp3) the resulting avi contains my name, the compression setting of the version I’m trying have the name field, the documentation does not.

I have not been able to get it to default to being blank, and clearing it for every rip is not an acceptable option.

Am I missing a setting or option?

This, so far, is the only thing that would prevent me from buying a license.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Under the profiles\readme directory there is further documentation and there is this line:-

<tag title=“SHREK.Title1.Angle1.DVDRip” year=“2006” author=“admin” album=“SHREK” copyright="" comment="" genre="" track=""/>

Have you tried modifying the profile you are using accordingly?


Sorry for any confusion, it’s not “Name” it’s “Author” in the settings.

Thanks GregiBoy, I tried that, nothing seems to help there, unless I’m doing it wrong.


Hi Mainiac,

The next version will make “Author” empty by default, and you can input it later.

Best Regards,


Thank you for that!

Now if I can figure out why the newer versions ( and .2) keep crashing.

They seem to rip to HD fine, but output to avi.xvid.mp3 it crashes.

2 different DVDs, crash reports sent.

I’ve re-installed, and those same DVDs rip to avi just fine.

There is likely a better (On topic) thread to follow this issue, no need to continue this one.