Removing MediaMax from your computer

The ‘Princeton’ article does not give the full story on removing the MediaMax software if one is gullible, as my self, & ever accepts the EULA. Simply disabling the driver did not prevent the ripped files to be playable.

After much trial & error and some inadvertent help from the SunnComm people themselves I was able to successfully remove it from my computer. THEN holding the Shift key while inserting the music disc to bypass the MediaMax copy protection as the article state worked.

You may have to do some of the steps more that once to get all the components removed since the sbcphid.sys file acts like spyware/adware & keeps reloading itself to your computer. Be sure you empty the recycle bins too or the software finds them & reloads.

  1. go to the following directory & delete the SunnComm Shared directory and ALL its files, after deleting go to recycle bin & delete it again. ProgramFiles/CommonFiles/Sunncomm Shared . You must have Explorer set to show hidden & system files to see these

  2. Go to the following and disable the sbcphid.sys driver, then uninstall it. you have to stop the driver (disable) before it is really uninstalled. Start> Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>View>Devices By Connection & Show Hidden Devices> scroll down find sbcphid >actions>disable then uninstall. Not done yet.

  3. You must get rid of the registry associations, too. I used a commercial registry repair program (Registry Mechanic) that ‘safely’ does this for you. This program finds broken links (which you just did above) and removes the associated keys. If you are comfortable editing the registry yourself, they can be found using regedit from the command line & going to SunnComm/ProgramFiles/Common/inprocServer32, then manually delete. I strongly reccommend using a commercially available program. You can really mess your computer up tinkering with the registry.

  4. Run search to find where the sbcphid.sys file is located (in XP C:\windows\system32\drivers\ ) and delete (delete from recycle too) You must have Explorer set to show hidden & system files to see these. You may be foreced to reboot after both the disable & uninstall action on the sbcphid driver.

If all has gone well when you reboot goback & look for the sbcphid.sys file in device drivers it will no longer be in the list–at all. If it did not come back after rebooting your computer should be cleaned of the MediaMax. If not repeat above until it is no longer found listed as a device driver. It took me awhile but I was eventually successful.

Then you can by pass the MediaMax crap by holding down the shift key while loading the CD. Better yet, disable the autorun feature for the cd. You can now rip the music files. My musicmatch software did not see the non-corrupted music files but Roxio CD Creator 8 did & copied without a problem. (You do have to rip them to MP3 format rather than WMA though.)

Putting all these hidden files on your computer & not being able to easily remove the program & all its components really sucks. SunnComm should have it’s butt kicked.