Removing link to audio streams with IFOEdit



Ok, basicly I de-selected a DTS audio stream using DVD Rebuilder when encoding, and then used MenuEdit to disable to the button pointing to it in the menu, however if I use the remote to find audio tracks (not using the menu) it still shows up.

I was wondering how best to delete the IFO ID pointing to this (dead) audio stream with IFO Edit, so it no longer shows up at all.


Ben :slight_smile:


Ok, I tried IFOEdit “strip streams”, but it only works for VTS_01_0.IFO etc, not VIDEO_TS.IFO. VTS_01_0.IFO doesnt have the DTS file listed anyway, it is only in VIDEO_TS.IFO. I guess it is just a little string somewhere in the file, any ideas people?

Ben :slight_smile: