Removing Interactual Player!



Does anyone know how to remove that spyware or interactual player that comes with powerdvd? It will not go away.I tried installing then uninstalling.Itried regedit and deleting all keys.Went into cyberlink files and deleted all interactual keys.The app keeps coming back.My next choice is to delete powerdvd6.Figured I’ll check here first.thanks


As far as I know, PowerDVD has no affiliation with Interactual Player.
I have been using PowerDVD for years and it has never installed or prompted for the installation of Interactual Player. It is doubtful if uninstalling PowerDVD would rectify the issue.

Interactual Player is seperate software that is usually bundled with some DVDs and will always prompt the user for authorization to install whenever the DVD is inserted. It is always a user authorized installation.

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I have never seen PowerDVD install interactual player. WinDVD6 on the other hand does.


Maybe you are correct ,but I did find interactual files in cyberlink.Maybe a dvd I inserted put them there .I recently installed the update patch from cyberlink.I also have the deluxe version.It may seem I will have to live with this . Thank you for the info.


You are correct.I isolated it down to a star wars dvd.Star Wars 4-a new hope.


I have PowerDVD 6 deluxe and interactual doesnt come with it. more than likely it was one a DVD you watched on those DVD’s it is on it will autoplay when you insert the DVD and if you click on it then it will install. and when it installs it will create a plugin for itself in whatever DVD software you are using.


I know this is an old thread… but your all wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


This must have been a recent development, [B]and one which requires the user to actually choose the version of PowerDVD that contains the InterActual Pack[/B].
Again, I’ve been using PowerDVD for years and to this day I have yet to encounter a version that includes the InterActual Pack. Most users here have also confirmed that they have not experienced this. Have you?
My current version is PowerDVD Version 6.0 and I’ve never had an encounter with InterActual Player other then the pop up prompt from a movie DVD to install that trash.

And you are correct, this thread is old.