Removing Ink Drops from TY printables



Sometimes my Epson R280 puts a little too much ink on the DVD and droplets move around. Wondering if anyone has successfully covered this kind of error with white permanent marker or other “white out” type product.

This stuff is “Print On a Dime” dye based ink. I have backed off on the printer saturation but still occasionally see stray droplets.



You should contact the manufacture about this problem and if under warranty get a new model that doesn’t do that.


I’m well into my second year with this printer so there is no warranty. My experience with the continuous ink system and 3rd party ink is that the vendor for the CIS is the one to provide support. It is an occasional problem and I usually get it adjusted after a disc or two. Last night I ran 17 prints with no spatter at all.

I think I’ll get one of those white pens and give that a try.