Removing InCD

Cannot get rid of InCD. Try as I may it still shows up in my task bar as well as the display every time I start my computer. I cannot seem to find a trace of it on my computer; Tried “find” in registry as well as Windows find. What does one do to rid the computer of it?

Tried Add/Remove programs in CP?

Try searching for Ahead

Tried that. Did find some references and removed them; but the darn logo still resides in my task bar. Sure hope I didn’t screw up anything by removing the Ahead items as none seemed to pertain to CD buring.


I think you must be joking, unless Ahead came up with something really weird. But anyway, which OS and which InCD version?

Originally posted by sipapu

What does one do to rid the computer of it?

This program is a must to have on your desktop --> [COLOR=purple]RegCleaner

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I somehow doubt that the InCD icon resides in the registry… If sipapu told us which OS and InCD versions (s)he was running, I could list the files installed by InCD in Windows and Program Files. We still don’t know if sipapu used Add/Remove Program to uninstall InCD, or just experimented with the registry to remove the InCD icon from the Task Bar, without removing InCD itself.:confused:

Found the problem. Hit Cotrol-Alternet-Delete and found something in there called “abd.” Went to Find, looked for this file and deleted it. No more logo. It is no wonder that it would not show up in either Find and/or Registry Find since I kept looking under the heading of Ahead and Nero. Hope this info helps others who may have the same problem. I also down loaded Power Tools per suggestion, really like it. Thanks for the help.

As far as I know, none of the 3.x versions of InCD installs any “abd” file, and these versions can be uninstalled via Add/Remove Programs without problems under Win98x, ME, W2K and XP. Further, I’ve not seen any reports about icons left over after uninstalling InCD 2.x.

Since sipapu refused to describe the problem’s origin, I would advise everybody to stay away from such ad hoc fixes.

I agree with FutureProof, I simply went to Control Panel - Add/Remove programmes, selected InCD and remove. It’s worked several times, on 3 computers. Simple enough, even for me…

Yeah, even i successfully removed InCD from Add/Remove Programs.

If you run the InCD executable installer, doesn’t it have an option “Remove InCD” in addition to “Install InCD” ?

It does.

Well, if this subject raises so much interest, maybe somebody should start a poll? I wouldn’t like to hurt anybody’s feelings, but until somebody reports any InCD removal problems even remotely resembling those of sipapu’s, I’ll treat the whole matter as a hoax (red herring).:cop: Otherwise, I’m prepared to eat my hat! :o

InCD is based on Prassi abCD packet writing software.

Some older OEM burner packages shipped with Nero and Prassi abCD.

Since sipapu has chose to keep us in the dark, I would speculate that he had a very old version of InCD or Prassi abCD packet writing loaded.

Hence, the “abd” in the Close Program dialog. It was probably abCD.

Quoted from sapapu:

It is no wonder that it would not show up in either Find and/or Registry Find since I kept looking under the heading of Ahead and Nero.

I suspect that it may have been in a Prassi directory. :wink:

Gulp… I’ve just eaten my hat.:cop:-> :eek: But only out of respect for Inertia’s clairvoyance. Before indigestion kicks in, may I humbly ask whether Prassi abCD was synonymous with InCD in prehistoric times? If not, then the thread’s title was a red herring!:slight_smile:


No, Prassi abCD and Nero’s InCD were never synonymous and always maintained their separate identity.

I would agree that the thread’s title was probably misleading, and under the circumstances you can regurgitate your hat. :bigsmile: :Z :Z

I’m not sure it’s covered by Dell’s notebook warranty… but I can’t supress it, so ARGHHH:Z :Z :Z