Removing gaps from TAO cd

What is the quickest/easiest solution to reread/reburn a cd which has been burned wrong? I have this continuous playing cd (house remix) which has been burned in TAO mode, while it should have been burned in DAO mode. I know how to solve this with Nero or with CoolEdit but I was wondering if there is an easier solution? The procedure is pretty straight forward/standard because only index 0 needs to be removed…


Maybe you can use EAC for this task. Try to detect all gaps (they should be 2s long, right?) and then select “leave gaps out”.
Then you could record all the single tracks without gaps.
Or you can extract the sector ranges manually (before and behind the gap) with Cdrwin.

But the CoolEdit soultion is probably safer.

Isn’t there some tool available who does this task in one strike? I have seen/met a lot of people who burn an audio cd by accident with TAO instead of DAO, so this is a common problem…

Can’t you just burn a new disc in DAO mode. And then get the tracks of the 1st cdr.


I think, he can’t.
As far as I know, if you use the TAO mode, the burner adds gaps between the tracks (it doesn’t use the given audio, but generates them). So, if you make an image from the TAO recorded disc, the image will contain additional “null samples”, which you have to get rid.
So, just recording the image again won’t help …

Hmm… I’m not sure about this but the gabs you’re talking about, aren’t that the gabs that you can set by setting a pause between tracks? (which can be done in both DAO or TAO)

When you burn in TAO, the burner will stop at every end of a track and start again with burning on the next track. But will it create a gab there as well? Don’t think so. I just found a disc which I accidently burned in TAO mode instead of DAO, but without the 2 sec gabs between tracks. When I play this disc I don’t hear any gabs between tracks, but just a cracking sound between different tracks which is created by the burning when it stopped and started burning again.

So what if the tracks are ripped one by one again? Will it contain gab (part of no sound) at the end or at the beginning of the ripped file? If you ask me, I’ll say no. But when the 2 sec gab weren’t removed before burning I’d say yes. I’ll try to find the disc which was burned in TAO without the 2 sec gab and extract a few files from it.

BRB :slight_smile:

Ok, just ripped a few tracks of the disc I was talking about and I hear no gabs at all. Not at the end, not at the beginning. So the TAO mode doesn’t add the gabs, but the 2 sec setting does. When this gab is actually added to the different tracks (should be at the beginning of the track) then you’ll have to remove it manually but it’s a tricky job, cause you don’t want to mess up the rhythem right! :wink:

I suggest you rip the whole disc tot your HD and check if there are any gabs attached to the tracks. If there are you might want to write a whole new disc using the original set and index it again.

Ok, my cd is burned in TAO mode and the gaps are fysically on the cd… these gaps are the standard 2 seconds gaps.

I will see what EAC can do for me!

lol, make all the files into wav’s, combine them into one large massive wav file, and then use nero to edit the tracklengths? can it do that? where u set the beginning and end of tracks…couldnt u just skip over the 2 second gap, set the breaks from, say,

0:00.00 - 4:25.00 track 1
4:27.00 - etc track 2

and so on? just a thought.

There’s a change that will work. He’ll have to try it. :slight_smile:
Don’t you own the housemix anymore? I think it’s much more easy to just make a new indexlist and burn it the right way this time! :stuck_out_tongue:

I already tried the solution of ckin2001, but in another way… I edited the cue-sheet and removed all index 0 entries, but that did not work, I think because the silences/null samples are physically on the cd… (or in the ripped wav’s after ripping)

Nope, I don’t have the house-mix anymore (music from a friend who mixes his own music)…

I guess EAC will help me the most, because it has options to remove silences before/after a track.

When you put the disc in your stereo player you’ll see that when the track starts, the counter will goto -00:02 and count the 2 secs and then the song starts. The question is how to get rid of those 2 secs.

If you rip the songs, are the 2 secs ripped with them? So will the song start with 2 secs of silence? You could remove the 2 secs when you ripped the whole disc but I think it will damage in someway. Just test to find out.

Yes, the silences/null samples are really on the disc, don’t know if they were appended before a track or after a track. I always thought that my cd-player added the 2 secs silence on playback, but the silences are written to the cd. The cd player detects the silences because the subcodes state that that part of the cd is a silence…

Ok, but what if you grap a few files say track 3 till 5 and you look up where the gab is. And just don’t burn that part.

Originally posted by Wookie
And just don’t burn that part.

You mean by modifying the resulting wav file(s)? Don’t know how I can burn a ‘selection’ within a file…


Please check my reply within this thread.
I’m thinking on writing a sticky for that tip cause I’ve already posted the whole story about 10 times in my lifetime! :smiley:

Ok, I understand what you are saying there. But that solution won’t help because the null-values are in the song! BTW, it is almost the same solution ckin2001 suggested in this thread.

I understood this: select a file you want to burn which is 1MB in size (for example: 0x0000-0x5000). Then mark a part of that file to be burned, for example: 0x1000 - 0x4500. This way the first part of the file is not burned and the last part is also left out…

Maybe I need to rephrase my question: I am looking for a tool which removes the ‘2 seconds’ wide leading and/or trailing null-samples gap.

But thanx a lot for all your suggestions!


Why don’t you try nero wav editor?

Sorry but I’m pretty out of idea’s, I think it should work that way. Rip the songs, edit them or burn them with limitations. Cause when you ripped the songs there are no longer any 2 second gabs. Maybe there are 2 seconds of silence added to each song but you can edit that!

That’s it Wookie but i can’t understand how upp3rd0G can’t do it with nero!