Removing foreign audio stream from avi file



Hello, :confused:
I have some avi and wmv files which are in japanese/english. I want to convert them to dvd and save to disc, but Im getting the japanese instead of the english. :rolleyes:Is there any way of removing the japanese altogether? If you can tell me in ‘computers for idiots’ language I’d be grateful :cool:
Thank you Darling
Ags x


What tools/proggy’s have you tried so far?
Try with avidemux and pick english audio and save new avi or straight to DVD compliancy…Or with Avi2DVD accepts avi,wmv,mkv,and choose english audio… With VirtualDuMod open avi>Streams> stream list> pick english audio>save wav…VDM open avi again>streams>stream list> add, new wav, in video > compression>pick choice of video compression and save new avi… There’s also avi to dvd tools like FAVC or DVDFlick…“More than one way to skin a cat”…