Removing Forced Subtitles



I’ve seen a lot of posts about trying to copy forced subtitles intact, but what I’m trying to accomplish is actually the opposite.

I’m Canadian but there’s some European versions of some DVDs I’ve purchased and more I’d like to purchase. Thankfully, I’ve not run into any problems yet because I’ve had the fortune of reading proper detailed reviews of all the DVDs from Europe I’ve ordered so far.

My question is this: if I happen to end up with some DVDs with forced French or German subtitles when choosing the English audio track, is there any easy way to get rid of that? I do have a copy of AnyDVD 6, but none of the other popular commercial DVD tools available. Preferably, I’d like an on-the-fly solution, but if it requires ripping and reburning, that’s fine too.


If you have AnyDVD, you’re all set. It will do exactly what you want.