Removing flaws and crackles

I was wondering if you can edit out slight crackles or jumps in nero editor.
I’ve had a go but can’t seem to find the option.
Hoping someone out there may be able to help me out again.
Thanks in advance
confused: :slight_smile: :smiley:

The Nero Wave Editor has very basic features. It really isn’t suitable for any sophisticated audio editing.

A full featured wave editor such as Cool Edit would be a better choice. GoldWave is a low priced alternative. Both have demo downloads.

Thanks Inertia
Making sure I had not missed something in Nero.
I like the nero set up so utilise it whenever I can.
I’ve tried goldwave once before but it kept freezing up.
I use Xp so assume this may be the problem.
I’ll try it again though.
Thanks again
Floyd:D :smiley: