Removing FBI warning?

I know if I rip just the movie I won’t get the warnings when making the movie but I rip the whole movie so I get the menus and extras. Is there a way to delete this in dvdshrink or would I need to do this while ripping and how?


FBI Warnings et al are menu items. Unless you Re-author, you can’t remove them. But Re-author = no menus at this point in time.

CloneDVD will do what you ask off the bat

But I’m trying DVD Decrypter in IFO Mode right now for a Clone write to see if it works as you want.

File Mode + all IFOs is not an option for me in R4 PAL right now but I’ll try it too.

Well thank you for doing that. If it is possible please reply. I rather find a way with ddv decrypter/dvdshrink.


Mmm, I forgot IFO Mode won’t do for CloneDVD nor Shrink.

In File Mode + all IFOs now… nope that don’t work.

Have a look at the posts from Kranji [currently] towards the end of the ‘DVD Shrink beta available’ thread.

It proposes a method of using Shrink to do the compression and CloneDVD to do the file building. This would give you a new DVD, containing just the titles you want and leaving out those - like the warnings - that you don’t want. The suggestion works. I know because I’ve tried it with ‘Chicago’.**

If the warning is all you want to drop, you will often find it in the VIDEO_TS.VOB. That being the case you can use IFOEdit to open VIDEO_TS.IFO and click the ‘delete playback’ button after selecting the warning (if you’re not familiar with IFOEdit you’ll need to peruse one of the many, many guides scattered around the web).

Good luck!


**Can anyone tell me hand on heart that they can distinguish CloneDVD’s output from that of DVDShrink… really, if their life depended on it? :wink:

Check out MenuEdit at
I think it will let you do what you want.

Yeppers MenuEdit will do what u want