Removing extras before using DVD2One 1.1.1 in Full Disk mode


Does anyone know of any A-Z guide for newbies that teaches how to remove some of the extras of a DVD before using DVD2One 1.1.1 in Full Disk mode?

I found this excellent guide but it only goes over the removal of some of the movie options like audio or subs:

I am looking for a guide (or instructions) that will allow the removal of some of the extras not needed (like preview of other movies…) but will keep the interesting features (interviews, the making of,…).

The main problem for me is identifying in IFOEdit which file is which, in order to delete them then recreating the IFO and other needed files, as well as deleting the links form the DVD menus so they will not point to wrong parts of the DVD when it is played in a stand-alone.





That’s about as easy as it gets. (He should have used PNG instead of jpegs for the web page.

Maybe a short outline will help:

[li]Rip the entire DVD in File mode with DVD Decrypter or Smart Ripper.
[/li][li]Open the .IFO file of the VOB set you want to strip with IFOEdit
[/li][li]Use the “VOB Extras” button to strip the audio tracks and/or language subtitles you don’t want.
[/li][li]Once IFOEdit is done, copy all of the other files to the destination directory. DO NOT OVERWRITE ANY FILES CREATED BY IFOEDIT!
[/li][li]Open the VIDEO_TS.IFO in IFOEdit and click on the Get VTS Sectors" button. IFOEdit will automatically fix all the pointers.
[/li][li]Now you can compress with DVD2ONE using FULL mode.

This is a powerful technique that can be used for other uses. For example, let’s say you want the main movie to be a higher quality than the extras. Use DVD2ONE to do the whole movie at a very low User Defined size (2,000). Overwrite the compressed vob/ifo/bup files of the vob package that contains the main movie with the original set. Use IFO edit to fix the pointers, then compress with DVD2ONE again.

BTW, beware of stripping audio tracks from multi-angle movies! It sometimes causes the disc to skip on the angle change.

I did understrand the guide that I refered to in my posting.
I wanted to see if you know of any guide to remove a whole set of vob/bup/ifo to delete that section from my end DVD copy (like movie prevoew, etc…)
if you can do that don’t you have to update the vts_ifo as well as change the links in the menu?
As to compress the extras at a different rate, i tried that with a movie that has multiple chapters and in each extra. So I thought that by using the Full Disk mode it would do it. But it did not since it was asking for the ifo of the removed file (main movie). Any idea how to do it?
Thanks again…
My questions may be simplistic but i am very new to this…


I haven’t tried it myself, but the “Strip VOB IDs” option that is unchecked in the example would be your ticket.

The problem is knowing which VOB IDs are the parts you want to delete. I think you can use VOBerator to preview the parts with a particular VOD ID, but I haven’t had much success using that program.

Doom9 can solve all your problems.


do you know where I can find it in

Can you post a web link if you know where the guide is available?

Thank you.


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Sounds like an April fool joke

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