Removing dvdfab

I am having a issue removing DVDFab from my computer. The program works fine but all of a sudden when I burn a DVD and put it back in the computer the drive plays it all distorted. I place it in the other drive and the DVD plays fine. I then burn a movie in that drive and the same thing starts all over with both drives that will no longer play a new or burned DVD of any kind. The only way I found to correct this problem for a short time is to do a system restore to and earlier date and then the drives are back to working, till I burn another movie. I thought I would un install DVDFab and see if that was the problem , but windows will not un install and keeps telling me that the un installer is not supported. How do I get DVDFab off to start with a new downloaded program or if anyone as a cue why this all just started…please jump in. I appreciate your support.

There is an uninstall program in the dame Dir as the Program. Make sure you have a copy of your key stored when you can find it when you need to install again,


I am a newbee here but I’m also a software developer.

If an installer becomes corrupted it may uninstall improperly. In that case, re-install the program and then uninstall it again. If you are still having trouble (assuming DVDFab uses the Windows Installer which I think it does) and you are sure the problem relates to the installer, Microsoft has a free utility called the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility that cleans out corrupted installers. Read the directions carefully. It is not for uninstalling application programs, just their installers.



I agree fwith above poster and the suggestion is the right one.

I am interested in finding out the resolution to your problem as it may help me with mine. I have an issue that also forces me to do a system restore to fix things. You can review the issue here:

There also maybe some suggestions there that help you. It might save time for others trying to help you so they don’t have to repeat the same remedies. :smiley:

Wow, Thank you all for the great help. I downloaded the program again and then tried to uninstall it but it still said error datooo.uninstall not found. It would not uninstall from the program file as you suggested bigmacnc and I also tried the remove programs from the add and remove in the control panel and that said the same thing error dat000.uninstall not found or corrupt

So , I had already ran the windows clean up utility once before and nothing, same Ole thing again. I use your link fchateau to the clean up tool, downloaded it and ran it again. Same thing again with the uninstall, so I went to DVDFab and downloaded the latest version and installed it and then tried to uninstall and…it removed it. I am happy to say that I was able to burn 8 DVDs without any problems today.

Thanks to all for your help. It was very much appreciated. Denny

Sorry. I may have not been clear with my instructions to you.

After removing a corrupt installer with the Windows Installer Clean-Up, it’s important to then re-install the program again so that the proper install parameters are written to the installer database. Only after this will the uninstaller have the proper data parameters to know what to uninstall.