Removing DRM from WMV ? Best solution



Information added by CD Freaks on how to remove DRM from Windows media files, so you can play as much as you like

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I managed to capture some streaming wmv videos but they are all drm protected, which means that I can only play them on WMP 9 for a day and than have to aquire licence again.

Is there a way to remove drm from wmv files?


What did you capture them with (software wise that is).
Is there anything in the options that will let you disable the licences?
You could allways try VideoLAN (also called VLC) as this has allways been a reliable, yet simple, video player.


If you capture the video/audio you cans ave it any format, I think he downloaded them. There is no way to do that, and besides you should buy this if you support it.

Yes capture will defeat DRM, I use Adobe Audtion for Audio and Ulead for Video, you need to also set up the internal settings but it works.


Guess I’ll have to elaborate :slight_smile:

I captured some free videos from VH1 site. The streaming videos can only be opened with Windows Media Player 9 after getting licence online. Than you have, I think, 15 plays offline and then you have to obtain another online licence.

I captured it with WM Recorder (first I extracted URL with Get ASF protocol analysis). It was not recorded!!! I was playing streaming video with WMP9 and WM Recorder was capturing it, so DRM stayed in saved file.

Once again the videos are free to view but they protected it with DRM so you can’t freely copy it.
Also saved video can only be played with WMP9, so nothing like VCL works (I tried believe me).

That’s why I need something to remove DRM. If it was WMA there would be no problem but videos are much more difficult to work with. In the end I would use Total Recorder for DRM protected WMA to transcode, but how I’m supposed to do something like that with video???


How do I save the video? I have WMV files but I need to be on the internet in order to play it.


If you have full file on your hard disk (not an asx link) and it can only play online, 100% sure it’s DRM protected.
I haven’t found so far program to remove it from wmv.
Also problem here is that it can only be played on Windows Media Player 9 or 10, so players like VLC can’t be used to dump output on disk.

But you can screen capture it while playing!
(It’s very important to make distinction here between capturing internet data stream and screen capturing. To save streaming video in it’s original form in best quality even with slow connection you use stream capturing software such are WM Recorder or Get Asf Stream or many others, but on the downside you save DRM protection too.)
Screen Capture software captures images from your screen of course and no DRM of course. It can capture whole screen, desired region or window in preferred frame rate and in preferred format.
If you have powerful CPU and video card, the results could be very satisfying. With properly set options quality loss of screen captured video is virtually unnoticeable. The best programs are Camtasia Studio from Techsoft and River Past Screen recorder. The problem is audio saving along with video. For that you must have Total Recorder installed. So that screen capturing software can use TRs drivers as capturing devices for audio.


well, there are still ppl like Beale Screamer working on get-around app to DRM. FreeMe is the only program i’ve heard so far, but it’s only for .wma.

i also streamed off some video files but it’s encrypted with DRM also, pain in da ass.


i have the WMV files but i cant paly them offline as it wants the net for the licence, i guess that atm you cannot remove the dRM!?


What I do is use my video out to record to VHS then capture off of VHS. There is a thread somewhere about using a program drmdbg to remove DRM but it seems you need a fresh install of XP so I wasn’t able to get it to work.


why don’t we ask a people of crackers for that matter??


Yeah, you really need a screen video capturing software! But as far as I know Camtasia is an expensive application… As a cheaper substitute I can suggest Screen Vidshot. It can also capture whole screen and desired region. The final file is *.avi…


I’m pretty sure Muvaudio can re-record videos.


have you tried “bink and smacker”? it works great converting any type of video into avi. I don’t know if it skips drm or not, though.


I sort of have a similiar problem that I can’t figure out. In my case however I created the WMV files from some work I did with my own digital camcorder. Once I created the movie clips, I’m able to uploaded them to my site. however when I want to save them to a DVD for Archive, I’m denied access because it says is copyright protected… HUH? this is my own damn movie that I created, how come it doesn’t let me record it to a DVD? any thoughts would be appreciated.



I have tried capturing with Camtasia but it comes out choppy. Maybe since I used a 2ghz processor and high motion video though.


We all have problems with DRM windows media files. But i use My screen recorder Pro to record any copyrighted video clips over internet. And this screen capture software has many features such as recording in screen activity in flash and avi formats and also supports windows media 9 codecs. So my recordings for all clips in windows media 9 format. It is easy to use and give me the best results especially the recorded clip quality is not bad either. What i say you can record anything in good quality. The other screen captures (i tested many of them) are not better than this software. Just at least give it a try and you will understand what i mean. Here is the direct link: :clap:



but some problem with the 5-th file, it seems to be corrupted…


Good soft, thanx man.It works well,but there is one problem,clips downloaded from MTV and VH1 streams don’t save key files to hd at all I think, with those clips i get this log:

DRM(Ver1&2) Conversion tool Ver 1.241 by taku
DRMv1 KID (HBzwysCK6UmfNPcur2P9NQ==)
DRMv2 KID (HBzwysCK6UmfNPcur2P9NQ==)
No keyfiles with this KID

   Error. Press <ENTER> to exit.

exept that all works good with files that saves keys,wma and wmv no diference…


The zip files are not corrupt. I managed to unzip them with ALZIP:
I had to rename the files: -> undrm.z01

I am trying with WMPlayer 10, but it didnt work yet.


I tried but coping the .dll to mediaplayer folder disabled its work.