Removing detection of virtual hardisks

Hi Janos,
Many people,including me,use RAMdrives.
However,those are also detected in HDSentinel,but since they’re virtual,there is no real measurement available.
So,why not remove the detection,as there’s no benefit to add them,and as they’re only cluttering the info panel?

Hard Disk Sentinel enumerates and by default displays all disk devices, just like as they appear in the Windows -> Manage -> Device Management, where all such devices displayed (including not only hard disks and SSDs but RAM drives, memory card readers and so).

Of course if you do not want to show them (to save space in the info panel and focus on the important drives) it is possible any time to hide them: just right click on that panel (upper left area showing the drives) and un-check the devices you prefer to be hidden.

THX for the info…I’m feeling real stupid now,as I didn’t know that the left panel has a rightclick menu…:o

Yes, the upper left area showing hard disks has a right-click menu :iagree:

There it is also possible to select the size of buttons with the different level of information displayed. May be useful if the system has many hard disk drives and you prefer to show their status: the color-indicator for the drives quickly helps to determine if everything is good (green) or if something requires attention (yellow or red).