I just compressed the whole DVD, now I just need to know how to mux/demux … mainly how to take out the audio and put it back into the video. I know how to edit it and remove the words I just need help on muxing / demuxing (or w/e it’s called). Anybody PLEASE help this is due tomarrow and I haven’t slept for like 24+ hours…

It’s now an AVI, I have an AC3 version of the audio, an OGG version, and that’s it… I think the AVI has CBR? MP3 Audio…

Also I was wonderin how to add music to the beginning and like a title page or somethin… I’m newb at this stuff :frowning:


Forget it, I got it.
Now I just have to figure out how to burn the DIV3 file to a CD so it will run in a DVD player… I know that’s not for this forum but if anybody has a quick answer to that, that’d be great :smiley: