Removing CSS Protection

is there a program out there that will remove CSS Protection from dvds on a mac (kind of like anydvd) Mactheripper takes WAY TO LONG - and sometimes doesnt work.

any other ideas or a program that rips the FULL DVD and/or can compress it than i can TOAST IT???help lol

Try Dvd2One.

Here is a recent discussion regarding AnyDVD and Mac. I don’t know how appropriate it is as you haven’t said what Mac you have.

Dvd2OneX is for the Mac but it is a copy program (like CloneDVD) and does not remove copy protection.

Just FYI

try handbrake

then take that file and burn it 2 dvd using toast

handbrake has a rly nice gui and should go pretty fast

You could always get a PC. lots of great ripping progs for a PC. :wink: