Removing Copyright warnings

Ive been expreimenting with a few of my DVD’s and shrinking them down to 4.5 GB’s using DVD reebuilder and canopus procoder and the results are very pleasing. Much nicer than DVD shrink.

Now that ive gotten proficient with this im wondering how easy it would be to remove the anoying copyright protection warnings that you cant skip. I know that theres a guide to do this if you have scenearist on the doom9 website, but i dont have this app.

Is there a way to edit my dvd’s in the method im using now?


I don’t use your method, but the most simple way - to my mind - to remove “annoying copyright warnings” is to use AnyDVD ( It saves time.

Thanks for the link.Ill check it out tomorrow. It looks like its for use with “one click” dvd backup though, which is nowhere near as good as doing it properly

There is also DVD Decrypter which is very useful and its free

i just leave the copyright warnings in, that way i get a laugh whenever i watch a copied dvd!

If you use DVD Shrink or DVD DeCrypter be sure to check the “Remove UPO’s”. Then you can still see the FBI warning, but you can “skip” for “Fast Forward” through it.