Removing commercials from recordings



Hi everyone, I’m new to forums and still feeling my way around. My situation
is I have Dish service with a DVR. I also have a new Lite On DVD stand alone
recorder hooked up to the DVR and my TV. I record shows on the DVR and
record them from there onto a DVD RW. I then copy the DVD RW to my
computer. All of the recordings are excellent picture quality and I’m very happy with the DVR and DVD recorder. My question is what is a very
easy and (hopefully Free) software to use to edit out the commercials and
save the file to a DVD R. I have a DVD recorder in my computer. The files
I get from the recordings are VOB files. I tried Ulead and I can’t understand
timelines and all the other stuff! Is there some very easy software outtheir?
Thanks so much - Karen Navratil


To get good frame accurate editing, you will need to learn to use timelines. Try looking for some tutorials on Ulead Studio (editing), and practice a bit. You will be glad you did. There are softwares which will automatically remove commercials, but they are not 100% perfect. One way or another, you will need to be able to cut frames.