Removing "Commercials" from DVD with DVDFab

DVDFab says clik to remove the FBI thing but anyone know how to remove the “Movie Commercials” and leave the menu, movie and special features?

Also, the SPLIT just doesn’t seem to work in version 6 as well as it did in version 5.

Any advise on how to put the Menu and first part of the movie on Disc 1 and just the rest on Disc 2 with only the “insert disc 2” on disc 2?

Chose customize dvd and then deselect the titles corresponding to the previews

ive never been a fan of split mode myself

as calcu007 posted using customize you will be able to do everything you want

be sure to take advantage of the preview window, you can double click the window to view full screen

also dont forget the navigation options will only work if you have pathplayer always enabled, there have been certain dvds which pathplayer has problems, but just let fengtao know and he will get it working in new versions

Good morning, troy512.
Vob Blanker is a great little piece of freeware which will do this all right. Just make a note of where the commercials appear, and away you go. :wink:

Thanks, you have given me some stuff to work on.