Removing Clicks from Music

Is there any program that can remove the pops and clicks that occur when a badly damaged CD is ripped?

I have a terrible CD. EAC took more than a day to read it, and it was still very clicky.

I can do it by hand (I think), but it is a long and arduous procedure.

perhaps cooledit pro
(I use it to clean up lp’s)

or just Cool Edit 2000 with the click & pop add on.

You can set it up to do the whole file at once, or do each pop 7 click individually.

When you have really bad results with EAC (that is: a lot of pops/clicks) the author recommends using the burst mode instead of secure-mode. Apparently you could get better results… Also try Feurio.

Or you can use Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 5 (check with the Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction 2 plug-ins, and then the Click & Crackle removal. This is originally for clicks and pops generated by vinyl records, but works perfectly with damaged cd’s and all other types of stuff that contain clicks, pops, etc. You can set the shape/size/volume level of the clicks, so that the program removes just the pops, and doesn’t damage your recording itself.

Good luck! :smiley:

You may use Sound Stream in Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum.

There is another utility (freeware) with the intention to do on this. I don’t remember the link, but I have the .EXE file. If you like, I can e-mail it to you as an attachment.

Its called Antipop.exe or something. It gives good results.

Please Do!, but the slashs are removed (to prevent spam-bots).

I have mailed the file along with the documentation to you.

I will experiment with it once my computer is up and running… My HD crashed, and I need to take it to be repaired. It looks quite interesting, much more customizable than the other things I’ve looked at.

If you Google for antipop.exe you will almost always find a utility for blocking pop up ads. I had much trouble finding this - but I finally got it from here:

You could try Easy CD-DA Extractor in the “Error Recovery & Repair” setting.

Try EAC in the “Burst” mode and see what the results are like. Should rip a CD in a matter of minutes this way. You may have some uncorrectable errors, however. Wave Repair (Shareware) is another .wav editor that does a good job. Remember that old saying, “Compact Discs, perfect sound forever!” :a