Removing Chapters / Adverts 760GX

Does removing chapters remove that segment of the video from the file, say an advert or are you better splitting the files and remerging them.

The file stays intact and the chapter is marked as hidden - I’ve found that some players will ignore the hidden attribute and still show the whole recording. I use split and merge to cut out the adverts and it works well - use the Set Thumbnail to see where the split will occur as it won’t always be the frame you have paused at.


I agree, and would only add that finding the exact spot
to split takes practice. :slight_smile:

I find it always splits at the point where the thumbnail image shows. The thumbnails won’t show every image that you can pause at so I pause where I think I want the split to be, then I set the thumbnail at that point and check it is where I want it. Sometimes it’s before where I paused, sometimes after so it’s a case of adjusting until I get to the best place - I’d rather cut out half a second of the film instead of getting half a second of the adverts still in my finished movie.