Removing certain commands from firmware updates?


I’m just wandering if it’s possible to remove certain commands from a firmware update? You see I want to remove a certain command from one of my firmware updates for my drive. My firmware update is a 32 bit windows XP EXE. But I don’t know how to remove a certain command. I have a HEX-Editor, if that helps?

Can someone please help me?

btw the command I want to remove is:


Ok, to put it simply.

I want to modify a firmware update I have downloaded for my DVD-RW drive, how do I modify it.

Iv heard you need a dissasembler or something but I don’t know where to get one from?

If there is someone reading this, and wants to help, could you send me a PM please and I will send you my firmware file (not very big), and maybe that person could edit it for me?