Removing anydvd trial version completely

I loaded the anydvd trial version 14 days ago and now it is telling me my trial version (21 days) is over. Not true, but does anyone know how I can completely remove all registry entries from my system so I can load it again?

There is no way to remove all the registeries so you can do it again. You can remove all the folders and uninstall it and it will ask you if you want to keep the info just click no. All will be gone however this will not restart you trial. If you redownload it …it will say your trial is over and to purchase it.


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SlySoft uses sophisticated Windows registry checks that are extremely difficult to bypass.

Once a SlySoft program displays the 21-day trial period expired notification the only way to continue to use the program is to purchase a valid Registration Key.

Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and purchase a valid Registration Key.

Forum Members are unable to assist anyone in circumventing the SlySoft 21-day trial period.

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Did you try changing your date/time ? Some programs are quite clever and KNOW if you attempt to set back the date, in which case it would do this.

You cannot reset a trial - The software hides info in a specific registry key that is not deleted with uninstall and it is hard to find. If you DO use the program and it is usefull BUY IT that’s the only way you will help people support such programs. If you didn’t play with your date then contact Slysoft. The only way you can reset your trial is to re-install windows or restore a backed up registry prior to AnyDVD install. :slight_smile: I am not condoning this (your trial license entitles you to a set number of days) but just contact Slysoft and be very nice about it, tell them you are considering buying it. They might send you a temporary reset. :slight_smile:

try format c:
this will give you another 21 days

or, some versions gives you another 21 days trials, which ones?, only james will know…

Wow, that’s a bit drastic !!

somehow before i bought mine i used a varidation of diffrent cracks then right after i installed the " new user interferace, now im still on trial but honestly cracks are not very useful cuz you WILL edvutally need to update it and hoestly its better to just pay and forget it , fast install :iagree:

btw: i did not restore windows to an earlier date nor did i change the time and date, neither the registry i just did a reinstall with the new one . overwrote everything. :confused:

oh guys i need to begain a petttion on clonedvd2 to make it best back up program ’ how’? :confused: simple remember how everyone loved dvdxcopy platinum because you can conpress the " special features" more and leading better results on the actuall movie and end result is still keeping it on a single layer dvd5 4.7 gb .
i got some layout ideals but i need it to get a strong perspetive may i say . so it can give elby more deceded to get it . besides i know this will boost jump their sales… no im not saying to put css built in or somitn but a better conpressor would be very very useful. … also the ablitiy to make a custom dvds ( add diffrent clips from difrent scens or add more then 1 movie on a dvd9 or how ever it fits) of course acording to non copy protected dvds :bigsmile: :iagree:

before i bought mine i used a varidation of diffrent cracks


i wonder if anydvd got scambled… lol but anyways hey guys i m going to buy anydvd anytime now but i was wondering if i can wipe out EVERYTHING… relating to it so that when i buy it it wont show any past/ if found . traces of pirated versions… althou i should i ask slysoft that i want to own a ledgitoment version of it , if not ill just have to hold on to it until i get new pc with new os …

when you buy a key, and uninstall it, without keeping the registry info and then reinstall it using your newly bought key.

but stop useing warez

especially to use something free and have to do the re-register(activate windows) That’s worse than slinging the money for the product. Plus very time consuming.

maybe that guy will pick up on our sarcasm
this thread is turning into a scammer"s convention :a

biggest load of crock I have heard in a while
you want to promote a product that you won’t buy and are still hacking???
generate more sale for elby yet not buy it youself
you know what you can do with your petition : stick it where the sun don’t shine :a

gus, it sounds to me like you’d benefit from a program like dvdshrink.

it does the things that you mentioned and is free so you wn’t have to pirate it…



I want my money back!!! I’ve been scammed…LOL :bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue: :sad:

No. If you like the product, buy it. 14 days should be long enough to make up your mind.

AFAIK CloneDVD already does this automatically.