Removing adverts and trailers option

I am using AnyDVD v5.4.9.1 in conjunction w/Clone DVD2 v2.8.9.2, and I am having trouble using the Remove annoying adverts &trailers option for episodic DVDs. I am trying to back up season 4 of ‘24’. I’ve backed up other seasons without a problem with earlier versions of AnyDVD, but now if I select “Remove Annoying Adverts & Trailers”, the resulting DVD rip will start playing on the sub-menu of the 4th episode on the disc instead of the main menu. The only way I can get it start on the main menu is to deselect the “Remove Annoying Adverts & Trailers” setting on AnyDVD. I am then forced to sit through the FBI warnings and other things. While it’s not fatal, it is annoying, especially when it worked so well previously. Has anyone else encountered this?

ifd you have the removal of PUOPs selected then you shouldn’t have to sit through the FBI warnings and trailer. this feature allows you to press menu and bypass any of the normally “forced” material at any time…

slysoft has stated numerous times that the “jumo to” and “remove annyoing adverts and trailers” function doesn’t work with ALL movies. Not all discs are authored in the same manner.

What is “PUOPs”?

Prohibited User OPerations (or something like this)… :wink: