Removing AC3 audio

Searched w/ no success. I do a lot of DVD Shrinking. Part of the process is to remove unused audio tracks. One has puzzled me though. AC3 5.1 and AC3 2-channel. I have always deleted the 2-channel version because I assume that 99% of the DVD players or amps will all downconvert to either AC3 2-channel or PCM via the RCA output jacks. Am I right on this or are there situations/hardware where my backup DVD’s will have no audio (or messed up AC3)?

Simpler: If I strip out the AC3 2-channel track and only leave the 5.1 track when would I run into audio problems???



i think you’re right that most players downmix 5.1 AC-3 to 2 channel stereo if necessary…

most director’s commentaries are only 2 channel so if you care about knowing more about a film than just watching it, you might miss out by disabling this track.


Removing all extra audio tracks is a good idea to improve the video quality. Almost all DVD Players and Computer Software packages with downmix AC3 (5.1) into stereo. So it’s prudent, if you ae going to go with only one soundtract to go with AC3. It’s the smallest multichannel soundtrack (VS. DTS) and typically even smaller than stereo PCM tracks.

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Better Late than Never…:slight_smile: