Removing a DVD security device?



earlier tonight i rented a movie from blockbuster, i get home and when we get ready to watch the movie (later in the night when blockbuster has closed) i realize the DVD still has the security device on it so I can’t open it!

my girlfriend is PO’d because she cant watch the movie tonight, so im about 5 minutes away from using a hacksaw and crowbar to open the thing… If the case ends up ripped in half and blockbuster doesnt like it when i return it, oh well…


The legal method is to get angry at blockbuster.

The illegal methods are too funny in variety to even start to explain them.


@pandrews76: Yes, why don’t you just take it back to BB, get it unlocked and demand extra titles or a longer rental period in compensation?

I’m not really sure this is something that you need CD Freaks to help you with.


He’s a man with a pissed off girlfriend. He needs all the help he can get.

Personally, I recommend a strong, flat-head screwdriver. I’ve never met two pieces of plastic that couldn’t be ripped apart by proper application of a long metal tool that could be wedged between them.


They have a gizmo under the checkout counter that they slide the case along in order to remove the plastic lock. Looks like the device pushes in the locking part of the strip and pulls it out of the case at the same time.

I vote for the flat-head screwdriver.


this is a bit of a late response, but my roommate had the same problem tonight.

there are two retaining hooks on the yellow security device. they have metal in them. they probably use magnets to pull the retaining clips in and then pulls the device out.


Well ! after reading all this , I found the perfect method. you will need 1 spare case, 1 pair of scissors, and 1 kitchen knife. First cut off the plastic see through cover and remove the paper cover to put in the new case. you can now see the strip. Cut the case along the strip and remove the strip. Be careful not to slip and dig the scissors into the dvd, or your hand. Oh yeah ! you dont need the knife , that was for an earlier attempt, you can try all the fancy magnet ways but the Neanderthal way is best!!!


Check this out, the video is a different type of box but the method is almost exactly the same on blockbuster boxes. Really easy!


Ok. After nearly killing myself with knives, scissors and magnets, I found a far easier, safe way to open a DVD with DVD lock.

The DVD is only locked on one side remember. So simply push down on the side with the magnetic lock against a floor or from the spine side against a floor or table. You with hear the DVD crack open ajar on the top and bottom slightly. I then dug my thumbs in one of the locked corners and forced it open easily. Then do the same to the opposite end. You are then in.

Once open, you can simply force the lock out also by pulling up and out. Very easy and very safe. :cool: