Removing 2 Second Gap (merged 2 threads here)

I am new to this Club.
I am using “EAC”. I want to reburn a concert CD originally done in “TAO”. I tried eliminating the 2 second Gap after copying the tracks and putting them in the “Cue Sheet” and writing them. I was unsuccessful. There are different settings in the “Options” menu for “Gap Detection”, but I’m not sure which ones work best for this. Maybe “EAC” is unable to correct such an error. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Phil

Also, there is another program called “WAV TRIM”. Will this do it? If so, what should I list the settings at?

The 2 second gap is created when burning and not using Disc At Once (DAO).

When you make your own cue sheet (discussed before in this forum), you can do so without gaps between songs.

You can also use Nero and set the gap to 0 seconds and then burn with DAO. For more information on this you can find info in our Nero forum or General software questions by using the search.

On how this can be accomplished in EAC I have no clue, I only use that program to rip audio cds to MP3…

Just use Nero for the job!

Open a new audio compilation and copy all the tracks you want to the compilation area. Then select all but the 1st one. Rightmouse click on one of the selected ones and choose properties. Here you see that the ‘gab’ is set to 2 secs; change this to 0 secs. Then go back to the compilation by hitting OK.
Now you’re ready to burn the CDR!
Burn it in DAO mode so the writer writes all the tracks in 1 time.

I ensure you: 100% ok! :wink:

Hi all. It’s me again. I appreciate the help I’ve been getting. I downloaded “Nero” to eliminate the 2 Second Gaps.
I changed the “Gap Length” to ZERO on the Tracks and recorded with “DAO” and the Gaps are still there. Any suggestions? Thanks. Phil

You can not eliminate the 2 second gap of the first track, this would be against the red book rules
you have to select the second track till the last track, right click and then set the gap to zero.

First of all I want to ask you to NOT start a 2nd thread if you continue talking about the same prob. Just reply in the 1st thread.
I merged the two as you can see.

Back to the prob.
If you set the gap length to [b]0[/b] (as in ZERO) seconds with al the tracks but NOT the 1st one and burned it in DAO mode then everything should work ok.
If there still is a gap then this can only mean one thing (what I can think of at this time) and that is that the gap is recorded in the tracks. Simply play one of the tracks in your favorite mp3 player and when the end of the track plays note if you still see the counter count when the music is already stopped.