Removed some chapters/scenes, now DVD won't play

Hi. I’m using the current Pro version of DvdReMake. I have imported an anime disc into the software, and “hidden” the opening and closing credits for each episode to save space. The test DVD works fine, but when I export it I get only black screen. I’ve tried several software DVD players and a home one. I’ve gone through the process three times already and it’s killing me! Am I doing something wrong?

FYI, all the episodes are on one “track” (or is it called title?). So to remove the opening and closings, I had to hide stuff that was in the middle of the file, not only at the begining and end.

Can anyone pllleeeaseee help? Thanks.

From your description, I think all the episodes are in one VTS, and that the opening and closing credits also are somewhere in the middle of the programs - correct?

When you hide a block, it is replaced by a 0.15 sec blank cell. You’d see it as a quick flash of black screen when you play through it. Nothing’s wrong with it.

No, thats not what it’s doing. It’s just not playing at all.

Show me a screenshot of the whole DvdReMake window, especially the Programs pane, detailing what program/cell number you hid the opening and closing credits. Did you do any modifications beside hiding these credits?

How 'bout export a test DVD after you hid the credits?

You can also run the debugger to see if it plays.

Sorry I took so long to reply. Is this screenshot good?

The test DVD doesn’t work (I thought it did earlier, but I was playing the actual video files instead of the DVD itself), and when I export it as normal DVD files, it won’t play on the computer at all, and when I try and burn it with CloneDVD, it goes through this “Trying to repair DVD” crap. When it finishes that, the DVD is still pretty much unplayable in my set top dvd player. Menues don’t work…skips…stuff like that.

I haven’t made any other changes except for hiding the opening and closing credits.

Sounds like you are using an invalid version of DvdReMake Pro. Go to Dimadsoft site and download from your account, OR try the demo to see if it works for you. It’s impossible that none of the menus work if you don’t modify anything.

Hi Evan
From your first description it is not too clear what works when you say “test DVD works”. Is it that exported file from DRM work on your computer software player and not on home DVD player?
Are you recording this file on DVD5 or DVD9(double layer). File is 5129 Mb, it will not work on a single layer DVD unless it is further compressed to about 4.3 Gb.