Remove write protect in a USB

Hi guys,

I cannot open my USB nor format it. It says"write protected". How can I remove the write protect of the USB.

Thanks for advice.


Ker-thump. That’s usually the signal for “dead drive”. Hopefully, it’s fairly new and you have the receipt to exchange it for another one, and you can hope it will function.

When I’ve come across USB memory sticks that issued “write protect” errors, I’ve done all the Google-Solutions offered but nothing has been successful OTHER than exchanging it.

I learned to be wary of MEMORY-MASTER brands (which is a Patriot Memory brand) but I have a feeling all of these are using cheaper and cheapest memory chips, merrily dumping any problems onto consumers who’ll discover Good or Bad units and many will simply not return them. “It’s free money for us!” is the vendor’s response. Yeah - shovel their crap off the floor, package it, sell it at a cheaper price and consumers pray we get a bargain. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

I’ve learned to buy those and keep the receipts for a few uses - hopefully they’ll last at least 30 days, but not always.

I’ll take note of that Christine.Thank you