Remove which old drive?

currently I have a dvd player and a second cd burner in my computer. I will be adding a dvd burner in a day or so. Does it matter which old drive I take out, the dvd player or the cd burner?

Will I ever copy straight from a dvd in the dvd player to the dvd burner? or will I always put it on the hard drive first then copy it?

What do you think?

Probably not, most of the time you’ll wanna copy it to your hard drive to re-encode/strip extras/etc. But depending on what writer/reader you have, maybe the DVD-ROM you have now is faster at ripping or something like that, making it worthy to keep around.

why remove it? why not just have 3 drives?

I only have 2 bays

Aha… thats a good reason… if it was me id get rid of the cd writer… that way you would still have the option of burning on the fly.

External firewire case for your CDwriter :wink:

If your CD writer does a good job, being better with CDs than the new drive or just because you would like to keep it, debro gave you a good piece of advice.

Another point being how good a reader is your “old” DVD-Rom drive compared to the new hardware…sometimes there are advantages that side.

this decision just got real easy. I checked my DVD Rom drive and it can’t read recognise any disc.

ok… but dont get rid of it if you dont have to… i mean unless you want to burn 2 audio cds at the same time