Remove 'warnings' hidden in menus

Can CloneDVD remove ‘warnings’ hidden in the menus? I use VobBlanker at the moment to do this. Does CloneDVD have this option, if not, is it a feature that will be added in future releases?

'Cause I would like a software package that does everything I need in the one package. :wink:

Ive been using Clone dvd2/Any dvd now for 3 weeks and never seen a warning on any of the backups Ive done:flower:

Because you haven’t encountered a DVD with warning hidden in the menus yet. :slight_smile:
They are quite common in Italy now, on more recent titles.



The warnings are on every movie of ours too, and one cant skip through them.
I have backed up about 20 dvds on Clone2 and not ONE warning is on those backups:iagree:

Good for you. :slight_smile:
I have backed up about 300 dvds with CloneDVD2 and on recent ones I sometimes get the warnings that vergs is talking about. :iagree:



Thats a shame lets hope it doesnt start happening to mine I hate them!:a

Well, my situation is the following:

I don’t see them in CloneDVD preview, I don’t see them if I play the copied DVD on my PC and AnyDVD is active thanks to the option “Remove annoying adverts and trailers”, but I see them if I play the copy on my set-top player. :sad:

A title that behaves this way is: Sideways (italian version).

Regards, :slight_smile:


I know what you are saying is true because I was in Salerno for 2 months and I taught many people about the forums and backing up movies. Many of my friends in Salerno ( Italy) are DVD fans and even with AnyDVD you still see them, when you play the dvd in a set top box. Not many people are watching DVDs on computers there.

You won’t see warnings, if you do not preserve menus.

I know I am probably off topic here but I had to tell Olli that I just purchased Clone DVD and recieved my key in minutes. They were good to their word and only charged my credit card 29.00USD (online banking, you can check anytime) I am very pleased to be part of the “Clone Society” I backed up my key to floppy and also to My documents. This was a very easy transaction, I can’t believe some of the posts I read about activation problems. There are none. Thanks for all your responses Olli, you and your program are great.

So you didn’t go for any of the bundle packages?

I realise this, but I would like the menus and not the warnings. VobBlanker allows you to edit these but obviously not CloneDVD :frowning:

Can this be added as a feature later on? Maybe as an option in an advanced menu?? :smiley:

Because this is becoming more common (the warnings in the menu), and I think it would be a valuable feature! :iagree: