Remove the laughter track

Is there any way to remove the laughter track from a comedy DVD?

Has this site changed name? Was it CDfreaks?

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Usually the laughter is integrated with the overall sound, so the only way to remove it would be with professional audio processing equipment.

Yes, the site has changed it’s name. It’s now My Consumer Electronics (MyCE).

Thanks. Does the site still cover the same issues ripping copying etc?

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The laughter is probably added down the middle (equally to left and right audio tracks) so you could try extracting the audio, splitting it to left and right channels, inverting the channels and then adding the inverted left to normal right and vice versa. The main problem with this is that dialogue tends to be down the middle as well so you may well lose all the voices! It also depends on the soundtrack being properly stereo to prevent you from cancelling everything out…



Usually the audience laughing (or canned laughter) is after the funny action or words…so, if you edit the whole movie in Adobe Premiere you can work inside the audio track and selectively drag the levels down when they laugh. This will be difficult and may be a bit messy especially if the speaking and laughing overlap.

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