Remove Sony Copy Protection Software DRM

I just purchased the Alica Keys DVD for $19.00 at Walmart. When I tried to play it on my pc, it just skipped over and over. I then took it back and had it replaced thinking it was a bad disk. I then went to, and noticed that the disk has the Sony Copy Protection Software DRM. I currently have AnyDVD installed on my system, and I still had problems playing the disk.

  1. If the the Sony Copy protection did get installed where would it be located on my system?

  2. Does AnyDVD automatically prevent this software from being installed on my computer?

  3. How can I remove it from the disk, if I want to re-copy it?


I believe the Sony copy protection that installs malicious software on a customer’s computer and is being discussed so frequently is found on CD’s - not DVD’s. The Amazon site talks about copy protection on a recent Alicia Keys CD. Is it a CD giving you problems or a DVD? Specifically what media format and title are we talking about here?

Its the Alicia Keys - MTV Unplugged (2005) DVD

It won’t play on my PC. I had to take the first one back, because it wouldn’t play on my home dvd player either. The sound was dropping out of the left and right channels.

Is the copy protection on the DVD?


No, I’m guessing this is just a REALLY poorly mastered DVD. If it has trouble in your DVD player… eep!

i live in australia and i bought stuart little 3 on dvd and i had same problem… dvd disc would play in set top dvd player but when i tried to play it on pc the dvd would just skip/attempt to read then nothing… Also a Sony pictures movie …

its a copy protection :frowning:

nothing can copy it … unless u run it thru a set top dvd player hooked up to a dvd recorder or similar…

also u dont have any spyware on your pc from this dvd as the pc cant read it no matter what … sony put spyware on their music cd’s … but they got in big trouble for that… anyways try and reboot your pc with that dvd disc in drive… i bet your computer wont reboot until you remove disc from drive… happened to me…

your only option would be to contact sony complaining that you always play dvd music thru your pc and its having problems on set top player as well … Sony will then realise that alot of people are having same problem and hopefully not put this protection on their dvd releases…

look here…

Thanks for the update KINGPIN!

According to the thread you sent, Sly should be able to fix this problem. I can see my dvd file structure on my pc. It will play, but only for about 3 seconds, then just start skipping, and freezing, then my speaker make this high pitch noise. So how can info Sly of this issue so they fix this problem?

I tried DVD Encrypter, but that didn’t work either.

I’m still mad that I paid $19.00 bucks for this crap. This was the ontime I didn’t purchase my DVD online. I’m I was able to exchange it. At least this copy will play in my hometheater DVD player.



There are mastering problems, and copy protection. They are different.

If your set-top box skips and has issues with the disc, you’re looking at a MASTERING PROBLEM. If your PC can’t play the disc… you’re looking at a MASTERING PROBLEM.

All DVD’s play in PowerDVD. They have to.

Agreed - if the disc states that it is DVD-Video it has to play on all devices that are also marked as DVD-Video, which includes you PC.

The first Arccos title I ran across (Little Black Book maybe? anyway, one of the Jan 2005 US releases) wouldn’t play in PowerDVD (or any other PC DVD player I tried - WinDVD, Mediamatics, etc.). DVD Decrypter would rip it in IFO mode but failed at a bad sector in file mode. A couple days later, a new version of DVD Decrypter was release that dealt with Arccos.

Bad disc then. Those copy protections like Arccos are CAREFULLY ENGINEERED to work in PowerDVD but not in DVD Decrypter.