Remove protection from a CDROM protected by HEXALOCk

I have a CDROM protected by HEXALOCk tools
I can copy files from the CDROM and paste in my home but I cannot open them.
So do you have an idea how to remove this protection ?
I find a web site with tools for removing protection but not for hexalock :

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nobody have one idea?

try doing a search for hexalock…

A search where?
with google, I found no answer for tools allowing to remove hexalock
where do you find tools for removing hexalock? :clap:

Hexalock is not a common protection and indeed I’ve never seen a disc that uses it nor have I ever heard of one before your post.

If by searching you can tell us something about how the protection works (e.g. bad sectors, weak sectors, sub-codes, spiral disc structure or whatever) we may have some constructive suggestions for you.

where are you getiing your info from???how are you determing it’s hexalock??
if no one here’s ever herd of this protection(or google search) then how can anyone help you??what disk are we talking about??dont take this the wrong way, but we all need info to help,& obvisly what your giving us is no good.
1st of all tell us what type of disk(music,data,ect…).what type of hardware do you have??& how your comming up with hexalock??
just a sugestion. and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

thank you bindy!
but in this link(, i have no answer to my problem : how to remove the protection made by hexalock?
In the link, the problem is to find a tool to copy a CD protected

so you know a tool to remove it?

Making a back-up copy of the cd is legal. Modifying the program recorded on it by removing a component (i.e. the copy protection) is not. :cop:

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