Remove Play All Episodes Title



I am trying to backup my TV episode DVD before the kids scratch the original all up. These things cost too much to let them damage them. Like most of the TV episode DVD’s I’ve seen, the DVD has one title on the disc which is a Play All Title and then four other titles which are the individual 45 minute episodes.

If I simply backup the DVD, it compresses down 50% or so because I’m basically backing up 8 episodes worth of episodes - 4 individual and then the same four again as a play all title. I want to backup the DVD as it is with all the menus and such, but I want to just chop out the one Play All Title, so that it is not so compressed.

I have played with DVDShrink, PGCEdit, and VOBBlanker, but I guess I’m not doing something right. Can someone give me a step-by-step of what I need to do? Thanks!


I doubt whether the same video data is there twice. Normally it’s one title with menus that select pointers to individual chapters, or to start just at the beginning to play the whole thing.

If it’s for the kids, just let DVDShrink copy everything at ~50% compression and see if they notice the difference. Personally, I doubt it - it’s a superb transcoding algorithm.


he’s right. the video data is not on there twice. the “play all” title plays them straight through whereas the episode selections have markers that tell them what episode to play and where to start and stop.

using a transcoding program there may be previews, foreign language audio tracks, or special features that you can remove to cut down on compression, but i highly doubt that the video data for all of the episodes is duplicated on the disc.


You are right! I had always looked at these episode DVDs and seen 5 titles, 4 that are 45 minutes long and then one that is 3 hours long (45x4). It gets the DVD size up to 7+ gb. I always that the Play All title was filler on the disc.

But after I read your response, I checked a little more closely, and sure enough, the 4 episodes account for the full size of the disc. I guess my mistake came from if I looked at reauthoring, it would duplicate the episodes. Thanks for your help.