Remove pci-e video card

this may sound stupid but how do you unhook a pci-e video card from the mb.

I know you have to unhook the white clip but I dont want to break it. last time I removed my agp card on a previous setup I broke the white clip trying to force it.

I have a bfg 7800gt and asus a8n-e

thanks for not laughing and please move to newbie forum if appropriate, I wont be offended.


If someone don’t mind answering this since I’ve got a X1900XT, and a ASUS A8N-E too, but I didnt install it so I dunno how to remove it… dont wanna break the thnig :wink:


well it is simple. Depending on your case , it is usually held by a screw or by a clap on the exterior of the case and by a small pull thumb on the motherboard
First stop the computer and remove the power cord for safety
Remove the monitor and if the case any additional power plugs from the card

Unscrew the screw or remove the clap and then pull the small thing that holds in on the mother board side and while keeping that thing to not spring back remove the card from the pci

Sawzall. :wink: