Remove pause between audio tracks


how can i remove pause between audio tracks with CopytoDVD software ?

thank you.

Hi there,

I answered you on the CD-R Forums, but just wanted to let you know I have opened an official Feature Request with VSO.

Let’s hope it makes the next version :iagree:

Thank you, your request is clear and matches exactly with my need.

Do you think they will make a tiny update, or they wait to add this feature in the next release ?

Thank you again !

Hi there,

I think they will add to a new version with more new feature.

They still haven’t confirm/acknowledge the request so there’s no way of knowing if it will be done or not :sad:

Just time will know :clap:


i have another way to make it now (by using my favorite media player -> winamp):

but i hope they will add this feature as soon as possible.

Thank you.