Remove my email from the front page news now

Remove my email address from the frontpage news now.

Dunno if i can contact the management via irc , but i’ll try.

But where is it then ? I can’t find any article with an email address in it :confused:

thanks for your polite command though …

First of all your command is pretty rude. Second of all I don’t see any reason on removing your e-mail address. Your email address could be easily obtained from your profile, I have noticed you changed it now. However the comment from Slysoft in which your email address is stated is useless when your email address will be removed and I don’t see any harm in making clear for which company you work when commenting. This way users know where your opinion originates from.

Because it is my email address and only available for the members of cdfreaks, you have to be a member to view it or at least did have to untill it was posted in the open. If it would have been me posting someone elses email on the front page I would have been warned? But others are allowed to do it without repercussions, I wouldn’t post your email on the front page unless it was support@… I’m sorry for the rudeness, but it was my email on the front page and it is personal information that can only be obtained from membership, thats why I changed back, I’m not sure how it was changed to vso anyway. If I start receiving spam at that email address who is responsible? Just because I changed it to where it was supposed to be in my profile doesn’t mean the email address is bogus.

Please don’t get me started on any unfair threatment. VSO Software and its employees are threated like anyone else. Unfortunately this also means the same threatment when they are rude or not obeying forum rules (as example).

I have editted your e-mail address instead of removing it. The post of Slysoft now says:

Hmm, it looks you are little bit biased, right? Let’s see…
You email address is/was at

Unfair treatment? I didn’t say anything about unfair, It was a question is all. Thanks for editing my email address I appreciate it. But still the question remains is it ok to post email address’s that are only available thru membership? Email address has been taken care of thanks, that’s the end of this thread. Appreciate it guys.