Remove "Media Player 10" virus from Windows XP?

I’ve recently installed XP and I’m having some serious issues with a piece of ratware and malware filth called “Windows Media Player 10” which unfortunately comes included by force and which I didn’t have a choice not to install with the OS.

My questions:

  1. Is there a way to remove this virus permanently from my computer ?

  2. If not, is there at least a way I can get it out of the way, associating my media files with a different player and making sure that I won’t ever again see it in my screen ?

I wouldn’t mind using Media Player 6.xx series instead, which seems present too since it loads when I run “mplayer2”, but I can’t locate the executable to associate it with files ? :confused:

Thanks ! :smiley:

What XP do you have?
I ask cause I have XP SP2 and it only has Windows Media Player 9.
You may want to run XP ANTISPY to shut off stuff you don’t need like auto update. :slight_smile:

U can remove WMP

same whit Movie Maker

same whit outluck

@ Besmirch

These 3 "Remove Me’s"are wriiten in Polish(i think), so shortcut locations (My Documents especially) will not be properly removed for everyone

Media Player 10 isn’t even released yet.

I’m sorry, but what is this

Apologies about the wrong version number, I don’t even know where I got that from :o

Please consider all my above posts as referring to Media Player 9. Everything else still stands.

@ Black Wizard yes, v10 is undergoing beta I believe but doesn’t come by default with XP.

@ besmirch, those uninstallers sound great, know about an english version ? Or any chance of telling me what I have to do, when I click on them a single phrase in polish appears with what seem to be instructions, could you give me an english translation of that ? Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

While we’re at it, does anyone know how to associate files with Media Player 6 which seems to be there but no physical executable to be seen ?

And is there a simple, effective third party player you’d recommend me ? I need something with maximum codec compatibility and Zoom x1-x2-full screen allowed by keyboard hotkey (like Media Player 6 did with ALT+1,2,3).

Thanks again.

[QUOTE]v10 is undergoing beta I believe but doesn’t come by default with XP[QUOTE]

I don’t think its a Beta, google it and you will get to the windows site for d/l
or here

Winamp 2 should do the trick, but Winamp 5 (more CPU intensive) is more full-featured.

Chriso, thanks but we were talking about video players there.

Well, I’ve found the Media Player 6 executable. The reason why I hadn’t at first is that the search function in XP doesn’t look for hidden and system files and folders by default (another stupid particularity of a stupid OS… a quick passage through the registry and I had that fixed now, hopefully permanently). However, for some reason the shell still doesn’t let me associate it with media files. I could just use VLC but I don’t think I’ll bother.

I’m beginning to hate XP more and more. The funny thing is that I installed it because I was having severe problems with some software back in 98SE and I was lead to believe (by a gang of latest-is-best mentality turds, it seems obvious now) that it would run fine in XP… however, I have in the meanwhile found the cause of the problem and it had nothing to do with the OS.

Fortunately I was at least wise enough to use a secondary partition for XP and left my good old 98SE one in place. I think it’s time to get rid of the pointless XP partition and go back in full to 98SE, Micro$oft’s currently available less bad OS… mwaahahahaha!

Thanks for the tips everyone.

@The Black Wizard
Documents and setings … Program Files … etc … are same in all windows i think…

WMP 10 is releast long time ago

You could go a slightly alternate route and use Media Player Classic. (I believe) it is based on WMP 6. The entire program is self contained in one executable, just unzip to the folder of your choice and run (no installation necessary).

The latest version is (it is free).

In View->Options->Formats you can set which files you want to be associated with the player. (first pic).

If subtitles are needed, you have to set MPC’s direct show filter to use DirectX 7/9 (see second pic).

Here is documentation for MPC (not sure how helpful it is):

But, Winamp does play video.

Back to this older thread just to say thanks for the heads up Chriso, I haven’t used good old WinAmp for a while now and I didn’t know it had evolved to a video player. Might check it out again sometime. :slight_smile:

Media Player classic is good - but VLC (freeware) plays HD TS files and loads of other normal formats and is far less cpu intensive - on P3 systems, problamatic ‘stuttering’ playback of high bitrate xvid’s will play smoother in vlc.

Many use VLC anyway.


So explain, exactly, what the problem is with WMP 10?

MPC is nice, but although it DOES support more video types, it doesn’t support them as well natively. Forget DVD playback with navigation, WMV-HD, etc.

I love it when people trash MS software just to trash it. You don’t like Outlook Express? Don’t run it. It’s not hurting you, taking up a whopping 10MB out of your 300GB disc. Just ignore it.

You bitch about WMP10 (or 9, whatever) but it’s not like it’s WORSE than WMP9 (or 8). So what exactly is the issue?