Remove logo etc?

Is it possible to remove copyright notices, warnings and logos shown before the main menu using the Platinum version? I’ve tried customize but these items don’t show up!

They can be deleted from any backup but the method will vary with different movies. On some discs these items are contained within the menu structure and can be removed by clicking “No Menus…” in Customize mode. With other discs, these items are listed as titles below the main movie on the titles list. Use the Preview window to find them and just don’t select them. If they are not listed as individual titles, they are part of the menu structure and will be deleted (along with the menus) if you choose that option in Customize or in Main Movie mode.

Thanks for the info - must be part of the menus in this case. It would be good if there was a ‘jump to main menu’ feature similar to RipIt4Me’s and AnyDVD.

I’ve occasionally had to “trim” the offending video in DVD Shrink if it’s part of the main movie.

I usually edit with say DVDReMake, but wanted something quicker (rather than having to rip, edit and then copy). I’ve just done a quick test with AnyDVD running (got a warning from DVDFab but continued anyway) and it worked a treat! So any chance of a similar feature been added?

On another note, the test DVD had compression of 54% (nearly half if I’m reading it right) but the quality from a quick flick through looked excellent. I’m normally a DVDRebuilder user (bought DVDab years ago but not used it recently) but I like the idea of 40mins vs 3hrs for some of my less important back ups :slight_smile: