Remove Login?

Im guessing this is easy to do, but I cant figure it out for the life of me. How do you get rid of the login screen everytime you boot up windows xp (the one where you choose your user or admin account)? It seemed to have started when i dl’d and installed micorsoft framework net (or something like that). I was having problems with my computer and one of the fixes someone told me to try was dling that prog. Now i cant get rid of the login screen. Id rather be able to boot up my computer, walk away, and come back ready to go instead of having to come back just to click the damn icon for me… im the only user on the computer so i dont need multiple accnts anyway (there arent any now either). My computer is fixed and i dont think it helped the problem, but id hate to uninstall it only to find the problem came back… any ideas?

get power toys fron ms website tweakui has an option to bypass logon screen.

If you are the only user and want to sign on as Administrator everytime…

Start->Settings->Control Panel->User Accounts->Change the way users log on or off.

Uncheck both boxes on the screen.

I think this should do it.

Go into User Accounts (via the Control Panel) and delete the .NET account. I don’t know if it has any unpleasant side effects (I haven’t noticed any yet), but it’s what I did on a couple of my machines to “correct” the behaviour that you describe, after the .NET Framework was installed.


Whilst it can be done without Tweakui as the first point pointed to , this is still a very useful app to have installed.