Remove login pass protection?

hi there
i have some wmv video files and are protected with log in and pass via online , the size is full version

how can i remove it pls?

thank u

If they are yours and/or you have the permissions you should already know the required passwds.

If not, then it should be so.

Chef: you are correct in what you told him, but It brings an interesting thought to mind. Not every computer is connected to the net. :confused:

I in no way support anything other then what you wrote him. I agree with you 100%. I was just thinking outloud. Wanted to add this before somebody thought I meant something else. :slight_smile:

Wait til Blu Ray hits the streets and every blu ray player is required to be connected to the Net. I understand the need to protect one’s content from theft, but, DRM slowly strips away consumer rights in the process IMO.

You mean except the ones made in china LOL :slight_smile: If I have to be connected to get a hunk of hardware working guess I wont be buying one anytime soon. Time will tell if these things sink or float. My bet is on sink. People hate being told what to do. :slight_smile:

I agree with you. The only way I’d buy one is if it were packaged into another product, like, say, a PS3. :slight_smile: And even then I don’t intend to feed it discs. I suspect that they’ll charge more for Blu Ray movies than regular DVD’s. With the extreme DRM restrictions they’re going to place on Blu Ray and HD-DVD, I for one will be sticking with DVDs for now.

You and me both brother :iagree:

But to be fair lets see how it all pans out. So far lots of words. :iagree:

Yea, no argument there. After buying my xbox 360 in a couple weeks, I won’t be in a position to buy a blu ray or hd-dvd player anyway, so, I have LOTS of time before I have to worry about it. :slight_smile:

The 360 with the DVD-ROM, aka revision #1?

Thanks for responding too.

Yup. Good thing I preordered it months ago. Looks like supplies are going to be tight around the world.