?Remove last 2 chapters from DVD (cast credits)

I tried to remove last 2 chapters(using SmartRipper) of a DVD (cast credits) to maximize video compression quality, but dvd2one would still think that i have full 2hour(for example) movie. It would leave around 277 megs of DVD-R empty. Would it be possible to include a feature that would remove the cast credits from the end of the movie?

found the same issue with dvddecrypter. i tried the ifo mode and deleted some chapters and then used dvd2one. didnt work. if i dont use the file mode to rip, the dvd2one output file size gets messed up.


It would be a hard effort if your end credits didn’t reside in it’s own Cell. If it isn’t, you would have do a cut at a “I” frame at the beginning of your credits in your last chapter.


You can select to not keep certain chapters using Smart Ripper but you still need to edit your movie’s IFO / VTS_PGCITI / VTS_PGC_1 / Number of Cells value to reflect your excluded chapters.