Remove jpg and bmp files from xp cd



howto remove jpg and bmp files from xp cd


Hmmm… that’s a hard one. Let me think about it first… Got it.

First you put the xp cd in the cd rom, then you double click d: drive, then you look for jpg and bmp files in each folder and drag 'em to the recycle bin…:eek:



make an iso file
use winiso to edit the isofile (removing the pictures)
then burn the iso

…but why do you want to do this??
if i may ask that is



i want to add my own wallpapers to the cd and dont like the ones given by M$ so how do you do it if you guys know please help me


The option given by damiandimitri seems the best one to me, but I doubt it will work, because I think you would have to edit the .cab files as well.

Perhaps if you can get your hands on a development kit (legally), you can implement your own wallpapers and such.

Another possibility that just sprung to mind is installing it, replace all wallpapers and such and then make a full backup with DriveImage or Ghost…


i think winrar would be a nice option too

it supports both iso and cab files

i am not sure what options it has to replace files…but it can open both.

i need to try it


i think you need both winiso and winrar to edit your iso file

  • winiso to make an iso
  • rar to extract the cab files and compress to cab again afther you did edit the files

-then you use winiso again to replace to old cab with your new one

i would chose the Ghost option, instead of editing the original cdrom


is there another way as i dont want to do the gost thing if not okie and thanks for your help


You will either need a developers kit for Windows XP or edit the stuff yourself. I’d recommend a developers kit , because although you can change the contents of the .cab files as you please , the windows installer setup will check them for crc checks.

I don’t know if there even is an developers kit for Windows XP , there used to be one for Windows 9X.



making/using a ghost image is much more faster then installing winxp from a cd, but i will look if i can find anything to change the xp cd


perhaps you can post your question here


Also careful not to lose the ability to boot off the cd. Just an insight so you watch out for that.


also which cab files have the wallpapers in them and the bmp files also


you need to search them with winrar


so just type .jpg in searh
and .bmp


cant find the cab files with the wall papers in them does any one know what cab files hold them


I am running 2000 and use a program called Winguides tweak manager . You can change all of that stuff with it. Also if you would like to change the boot logo you could check the forum at


I need to know where on the windows xp cd the wallpapers are at not on the hard drive i want to make a custom xp cd with all my own wallpapers and theme files not the ones given by M$
i hope some one knows where the files are on the cd


You could just copy the contents of the XP cdrom onto your computer create a folder containing the wallpapers and themes and burn it onto a new cdrom along with XP.

MS could have some sort of filesize checker on the installation files and if they were not right it may not work if you tried to inject your own.

Theirs a guide on the link below on how to create a bootable winxp cd and intergrate SP1 into it.