Remove DVD ripping speed limitation for Toshiba SD-M1612/SD-M1712

I just posted the article Remove DVD ripping speed limitation for Toshiba SD-M1612/SD-M1712.

DataGuard used our news submit to tell us that the firmware page has posted an interesting message on their forum. Via a hacked firmware it’s possible to remove the DVD ripping speed…

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only the 800x firmware makes your drive compatible with dvd+r/rw the 1004 only removes the limit

It works real well here. The read speed with a slow reading dvd (4x or something like that), is now much higher… i almost reached 10x (dvd decrypter)

i hope they release something for the SD-M1512 :g:g

they will release it for 1512 also…i think… i know they are trying to do it