Remove copy protection from new Disney/Sony movies?

My friend and I have been having difficulties burning certain new movies released through Sony and Disney. The latest problem discs are:
The Little Mermaid Anniversary Edition

Also, The Aviator

We have tried using DVD Shrink/Nero Recode with DVD43 and DVD FAB Decrypter with no success
Sometimes an error message will appear during analysis; other times the Encoding process will reach 99% before the message occurs. Usually it reads “invalid DVD navigation structure” or something similar. Would appreciate any ideas. :slight_smile:

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Update fab and try again…what media are you using?..are originals new??..

Latest Fab can do these movie.
Also, I think i did Ratatouille with Ripit4me.
(Actually, the only movie that Ripit4me wont do that Ive tried is Hairspray.)

@jamoskeag3…ratatouille does indeed work with r4m, as well as the aviator, havent tried little mermaid though, just not my style, lol

Shrink wont do these movies.
Get rid of Dvd43. it causes conflicts with many progs.
Like I said, Fab or Ripit4me do these movies. Both are free.
Just dont run Dvd43 in conjunction with these two progs.

I believe Anydvd will also do these movies, but Anydvd costs about $50 +.
Why buy the cow when the milk is free! :slight_smile: